2Gether 4Ever is a ministry designed to empower husbands and wives with the information, motivation and support to build and/or rebuild strong marriages the way God intended.

Marriages that fail do so for various reasons. Most couples lack the understanding of what it takes to make a marriage successful and therefore lose their motivation to put forth an effort to try.  2Gether 4Ever unlocks the hidden secrets in God’s Word that all couples need to understand to build a strong marriage.  We work with churches that host marriage retreats, conferences and seminars to bring this valuable information to churches all over this nation.  We also plan and organize couples fellowship outings that encourage accountable, loving and supportive relationships between married couples. 

Eric Dorsey created 2Gether4Ever Ministries out of a God given passion to help married couples and those that have a desire to be married.  Eric has been married for 15 years to his beautiful wife Catrina. They have four children, Kendall, Derek, Alaina and Jarrod.  Eric is a gifted teacher of God’s Word, possesses wisdom beyond his years and has a true heart of compassion for the pain people endure in marriages. His marriage has endured many VERY trying situations and seasons.  His desire is to help couples navigate their relationship through some of the pitfalls that life has to offer.

Eric is a graduate of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  He is also a graduate of the Living Word School of Ministry in Forest Park, IL.  He has functioned in the church as an ordained Elder, teacher, and marriage counselor. 

You may contact Eric Dorsey by e-mail at eldorsey@aol.com or at 630-802-5298.


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